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Why did you start adding a "forced tipping" (Unless I forget to chose - other), it goes directly to a 15% tip.

I will be very direct; I am not engaging in a sit down restaurant with wait staff - why is there a tip option even in place? I'm tired of seeing this more often when I go online - that is what I mean by forced tipping, unless you forget to change it, it goes automatically to a tip percentage.

I'm thinking seriously to taking my business elsewhere because I do not believe it is acceptable to put tip options for simply doing your assigned task! I don't tip at the grocery store, Wendy's (Dozens of examples).

We love Papa Murphy's but directly expecting me to remember to pick "other" option is a scam! If, you want a tip jar for just showing up to work, put it on the counter!

Take it off your site, and stop asking your customers to "augment" salary's - most humans are sick of corporate greed!

Preferred solution: Take the "forced tipping" of online orders!.

Papa Murphys Pros: Take home and bake pizza is very good.

Papa Murphys Cons: Forced tipping.

Location: 1730 Labounty Road, Ferndale, WA 98248

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You can tell this Steven person wrote this ridiculous complaint and he then proceeded to be different people, all in agreement with him.


You are probably right, and this person is unable to read. Someone took his side and he bashed them. He tells everyone else to read, when he cannot read himself.


Most of the people in the thread sound like miserly old tools.


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I found this page because I had the same concern. It's incredible insulting to the customer to add a default tip to these orders. If Papa Murphy's wants to pay their employees more, do so, picking up a pizza that you don't even cook for me does not deserve a tip in any way.


That's why i wrote it...simple principle!


Forced tipping is a bogus way to pay your employees less. And shaft the customer!!


It is NOT forced tipping! No one is "forcing" you.

It is optional. Some people do tip on carry-out.


Read the review again. It is forced tipping..

When you use the machine there is no option for no tip. This means if you use credit card you have to tip at least 15 percent.

Sadly a lot of restaurants do this. There is no option saying "no tip"


Please go back and read 1st sentence about 26 times, until you "understand" my assertion! Let me help you!

I am "FORCED" TO SPECIFICALLY go back through the purchase process and CHANGE the "percentage" FROM 15% to ZERO. That's defined as FORCED, if I wish to purchase - it was never there before! Do you not understand this truthful/factual statement? I DO NOT care what other humans do or CHOOSE to tip when they pick up something!

It's not the topic of discussion - we are talking about online ordering! From Steven H.


I will never order again. Why do we have to tip when we pick up and bake at home? This is ridiculous


I agree... Fort Collins, CO has the same problem!

Patrons are not staff's wage increase answer for a "non-sit-down form of eating. I am sick and tired of the expectation that if we don't tip "every one" whenever food is involved then we should stay home to eat...


Let your local newspaper radio station no that this is not something that should be showing up on this it is harder for them to ignore media and everybody that will read it then the few people that are commenting on the website


They don't care about small stories.


This happened to me as well. I do not approve.

A gratuity is something extra, added at the customer's discretion. Automatically adding it to a bill is inappropriate, deceptive, and sleazy.

I get that everyone is feeling the pinch these days, Papa Murphys would do well to remember that includes the customers. It's going to be a looooong time before I order again.


Yes...that is why I wrote it - I understand!


Be careful. The OP has attacked hose who defended him. Threatened to beat up his grandmother etc.


This is why I stopped ordering from them . If I tip, it will be at a sit down restaurant. All these employees recently got huge wage increases yet still want tips.


I agree, this just caught me off guard too. I haven't seen tips on mobile orders yet (besides this one), so it was totally unexpected.

I will be more cautious in the future also. I agree that the tip shouldn't be put on by default!

I don't like having to "opt-out" of a tip, have never had to do that anyplace else, EVER! I understand they don't want to raise their prices higher and lose customers, but I am afraid they will lose customers by making the tip default also!


Thank you for being honest to reality - no more, no less!

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