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Why did you start adding a "forced tipping" (Unless I forget to chose - other), it goes directly to a 15% tip.

I will be very direct; I am not engaging in a sit down restaurant with wait staff - why is there a tip option even in place? I'm tired of seeing this more often when I go online - that is what I mean by forced tipping, unless you forget to change it, it goes automatically to a tip percentage.

I'm thinking seriously to taking my business elsewhere because I do not believe it is acceptable to put tip options for simply doing your assigned task! I don't tip at the grocery store, Wendy's (Dozens of examples).

We love Papa Murphy's but directly expecting me to remember to pick "other" option is a scam! If, you want a tip jar for just showing up to work, put it on the counter!

Take it off your site, and stop asking your customers to "augment" salary's - most humans are sick of corporate greed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Murphys Pizza.

Preferred solution: Take the "forced tipping" of online orders!.

Papa Murphys Pros: Take home and bake pizza is very good.

Papa Murphys Cons: Forced tipping.

Location: 1730 Labounty Road, Ferndale, WA 98248

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This happened to me as well. I do not approve.

A gratuity is something extra, added at the customer's discretion. Automatically adding it to a bill is inappropriate, deceptive, and sleazy.

I get that everyone is feeling the pinch these days, Papa Murphys would do well to remember that includes the customers. It's going to be a looooong time before I order again.


Yes...that is why I wrote it - I understand!


This is why I stopped ordering from them . If I tip, it will be at a sit down restaurant. All these employees recently got huge wage increases yet still want tips.


I agree, this just caught me off guard too. I haven't seen tips on mobile orders yet (besides this one), so it was totally unexpected.

I will be more cautious in the future also. I agree that the tip shouldn't be put on by default!

I don't like having to "opt-out" of a tip, have never had to do that anyplace else, EVER! I understand they don't want to raise their prices higher and lose customers, but I am afraid they will lose customers by making the tip default also!


Thank you for being honest to reality - no more, no less!


Agree 100%




Agreed! Papa Murphy's, this is shameful. Compensate your employees properly.


Absolutely agree


I also hate this


Some people don't mind throwing a dollar tip here or there to fastfood employees. Don't want to tip, don't.


Mine was an automatic $8, and it kept reappearing, and I kept having to click "other". I am fine with it being an option. They should not make it so easy to accidentally give a large tip.


Agreed, my fellow human!


Please, go back and re-read...the question of "tip" or not, isn't in question - hence, I asserted - put a tip jar on the counter! The "definitive" fact/focus is the process they have in place that "forces" a human to "always" scrutinize the (On-line) process that was never there before (Always in the past); before "inadvertently" providing a tip for a basic service. Lastly...please read a post thoroughly (suggestion), before you embarrass your intelligence!


I agree. I just placed an order and the tip option kept reappearing. I had to click "other" 5 times in order to not accidentally give a tip for absolutely nothing!!


Yes, This has been an ever - increasing trend!


Thank you for being honest to reality - no more, no less!

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