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The owner called me to justify her behavior. In regards to not giving me a refund or my pizza "she was overwhelmed" in regards to my comment that her actions were that equal to theft if no one wanted to make my pizza or give me a refund amd only kick me out with either its ok because she gave me my pizza 2hrs later.

I responded well my daughter had to lie and give a different name with the order number it wasn't a big deal that wasn't theft for 2 hrs because in the end you got your pizza.

Gross negligent comment here yes for 2 hrs it is theft if I didn't get a refund or my pizza. No resolution was offered.

Original review posted by user Dec 12, 2021

Covid 19 policies are not being followed by store 131 this can cause harm and spread covid to other customers and the gm Daniele is short tempered and has no patience. I was asking for my prepaid order at the same time they had another customer at the register next to me.

I asked the gm Daniele to follow covid policies and she ignored me and stated it's not a law but a mandate. Then they said they had no record of my order I showed them my email of receipt I took a picture of the violation and she kicked me out for taking my phone out to take a picture of the health violation. She kicked me out without a refund or my pizza. This is theft.

I tried calling 4 different times to get the gm name they refused to tell me. I finally had to have my daughter call under a different pseudonym and give only the order number then they made my pizza over 2 hrs later. By far the worst experience ordering food in my life. Why wouldn't the gm give me her name?

Why would she refuse to take my info to give to the owner or district manager? You essentially stole from a customer. Horrid horrid store and DOH needs to pay a visit.

Papa Murphys at 900 east meridian in Milton wa. Danielle the GM gave me the worst experience of my life don't go here if you want to keep covid free and they don't wash their hands after handling money and her mask is below her nose while making your food.

User's recommendation: Never go to this store in milton.

Product or Service Mentioned: Papa Murphys Pizza.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Papa Murphys Pros: Good pizza.

Papa Murphys Cons: Hygeine and customer service is deplorable, Employees were rude, Resolution.

Location: 900 Meridian Avenue East, Milton, WA 98354

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Why would you insist on them giving you your pizza if they are supposedly violating so many health “policies” as you call them? And you go so far as to make up fake names in order to get the pizza that they refuse to serve you due to your animal behavior? Sounds like your REAL “complaint” is you did not succeed in getting free food!


The owner asked me how to rectify this and I clearly stated I didn't want anything from this store which included free food or reimbursement 5$ this is Danielle crazy stalker.


This user declined any free food and or monetary reimbursement. Only educate staff on covid-19 policies and how to communicate with frustrated patrons.

With knowing the order was paid for, refusing to fill order and or reimburse patron is clearly theft. If you have not received said order and or money for hours that constituted as theft.

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